Honey 2017!

We are currently selling honey from our hives.

We have for sale:

  • 500g jars for $10

Honey is available to pickup in Elbow Park or at the farm.  Please use the contact us page or email: info@akesifarms.com


Please check our mushroom company webpage (http://www.fungiakuafo.com) for details on purchasing mushrooms spawn for your backyard projects or as a product to diversify market gardens.


We do sell some vegetables such as potatoes, rhubarb, garlic and tomatoes. Check back in the spring of 2018.


We have planted quite a few apple, plum, berry and nut trees in several food forests on our property.  It will be a few years until we have enough to sell, but we are excited about the future!


We do produce a lot of preserves at the farm. Check back in the fall of 2018 to see what we have!


We are not currently selling eggs.  We may decide to sell eggs again in the future. We’ll keep you posted!

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