We finally got the rest of our split wood stacked!  We were out of room in the wood shed so it’s now beside the wood shed…  It’s under a tarp now.

I realize it seems we are often stacking wood…  And in fact, it is one of our big projects each year.  We have to ensure we have enough wood to heat our home!  Just know that all these trees are from our property and we certainly don’t take more each year than what grows. We are still cutting down trees that are just way to close to our house!  They used to be smaller… they are no longer small.

Easy to tell where we cut down poplars (Trembling aspen) this year! We keep trimming them with the mower but it’s going to be like this for a long time…

We also collected most of the bucked wood.  There will be another round of splitting soon!  Or maybe in the spring… we’ll see.

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