Winter bee care

Checking on the bees!  They all seem happy.  We changed out the bags of wood chips to reduce the amount of humidity in the top boxes.

What to do when it’s (still) -20C out?

Seed inventory!  Finally broke out the garden plans and started slotting in what we are going to grow in 2019.  We still have a ways to go... Just finished stacking wood outside the front door so we can spend a cozy evening inside!  All the animals are "in...

Youthful Cities

Check out this program being offered in Calgary!  It's for youth aged 18-29 who are currently unemployed or underemployed.  Take a social issue in Calgary and run with it! 

PACE Alberta

We are excited about the potential of PACE in Alberta!  The AB government has passed the legislation and now it's up to municipalities and counties to adopt bylaws to allow their residents to participate., you borrow money...

Just in time for Christmas… pantry complete

Last year Kwesi worked on the "left" side of the pantry.  It holds all of our canning like a charm! This winter, it was on the list to fix the "right" side of the pantry.  We had a few "mouse" challenges that needed to be dealt with (making sure they can't get back...

Dinner at Akesi Farms

Here is one of our last dinners with fresh items from the greenhouse at the end of October.tomatoes (greenhouse)potatoes (kitchen garden)carrots (traded with a neighbour for them!)lamb (Eagle Creek Farms)mint sauce (herb garden)We live an amazing...

Last greenhouse harvest

This was the last harvest out of the greenhouse at the end of October.  Mostly herbs.  We'll try to keep the rosemary alive in the house over the winter but we probably don't have a window that gets enough light.All the garden beds in the greenhouse are...

Witch Stick – Hot Peppers?

We grew a bunch of peppers this summer called "Witch Stick".  You would assume they are quite hot...  nope!  We purchased the seeds from West Coast Seeds.

Atticus – Doesn’t quite fit

All of our animals provide humour on a regular basis.  Atticus is NOT allowed on the coffee table.  He obviously thought if he stuffed himself inside the bowl on the coffee table, he would no longer be ON the coffee table!

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