In November, we watched a few films from the Calgary Justice Film Festival.  We always find that we learn something absolutely new every time.


They show films all year long and have interviews as well!  Sign up for their newsletter here: (scroll down to the bottom).  The films used to be in person but now you can watch online!

The ones we watched in the past film festival:

The Line

  • There were some really good thoughts around how employees are regarded.  A good example was asking “what happened” to someone when they do not show up for work, instead of firing them for not showing up.  The documentary is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution and Islam

  • This documentary was mind blowing! A good attempt at discussing culture vs religion.  To reduce hate in our world, we do need to change our views about each other.  How do we become more accepting of those who are different?  And, how do we change ourselves to accept new ways of being?


  • Bottom line: variety does not improve our lives.  I think we already know this!

Kimmapiiyipitssini – The Meaning of Empathy

  • We all need to watch documentaries like this one.  Again, this was heart breaking and heartwarming.  Some people have so much empathy, it is awe inspiring.  The film follows people’s lives so you can start to understand how they ended up where they are.  Our society also makes it so hard for people to access resources when they need them the most. If we really want to reduce substance-abuse, we need to be there for people when they need help – and way before, to prevent the trauma that led to the substance-abuse.

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