Our first batch of 150 chicks has arrived.  They arrived last week Wednesday and Thursday. Wow, are they ever growing up fast!  They are very cute and we have spent quite a few hours watching them already.

Meghan was quite concerned about the chicks… We even thought twice about putting much up on our webpage in case something went horribly wrong! Hopefully we are now over the rough beginning and onto easier times.  We have only lost two chicks so far. We think are are doing pretty well.  The biggest challenge has been heating and keeping the brooder warm enough. We didn’t really think the temperatures would dip to -10C outside. We got creative and used blankets to line the walls to help retain heat.


More chicks!


The chicks are getting bigger and much faster! It’s neat to see the feathers forming on their wings. You can tell the three breeds apart quite easily now.

The chicks are now much quieter. They play more too.  We made toys for them (bits of aluminum) and they do like to peck them. They also like to go after shadows on the cardboard.

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