We got our seed potatoes from Eagle Creek Seed potatoes!

We don’t always pay a lot of attention but this year we thought we’d take the time to chit our potatoes.  We put them in some egg cartons in the main greenhouse.  (We even labeled the cartons!)  It’s too early for us to plant the potatoes (it was snowing two days ago and -5C last night!) so instead of letting them languish in the dark, they are growing some nice shoots!

Here’s a good article on how to do it:


Here’s a link to Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes:


The goal of the greenhouse and gardens is to provide food for ourselves…  We don’t typically sell anything out of the gardens!  Once you start growing more of your own food, you get a much better sense of how much a family actually eats!  We are able to store our potatoes until about March so we grow enough potatoes to last until then.  This time of year, we buy potatoes from growers like Eagle Creek who have much better storage systems.

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