Today was the day!

We posted this week that we are retiring from beekeeping.  This was a decision made early last year.  We knew 2023 would be our last year for honey!  Time keeps marching on.

Maurita is no longer able to lift the heavy boxes.  Meghan has developed a bee allergy (only 3 ER trips so far!)  We are working on reducing the number of projects at the farm.  As Meghan’s parents get older and Kwesi’s disease progresses, Meghan’s task list keeps increasing.  It has become necessary to figure out what are the most important tasks to get done, and what we can quit doing.

Amazingly, three groups of people came by today and purchased everything “bee”!  Our bees and the items that could be re-used have new homes!  The honey house has been cleaned and will soon have a new purpose.  Three trips to the transfer station to clear out the rest!

Maurita has been keeping bees for nine years.  It was a gift to be able to care for them and enjoy their quirks!  We all learned so much.

Honey House - Everything!
Honey House - Halfway gone!
Honey house - gone!

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