This time of the year is so beautiful.  The leaves have actually been changing colour since mid August (that when our Manitoba Maples turned) but now the hills are a splash of yellow poplars and green spruce. It gets cold so fast and I am looking forward to winter!

In the winter we tend to work less hours per day…  Since you can’t work outside until 10 pm, you end up coming into the house when it gets dark and eating dinner.  (Dinner!)  Then, maybe, if you are very very lucky, you might get to watch a movie!  Ok, half a movie.

We had to buy a news lens for our camera and it looks the lens hood got in the shot.  I also don’t think the picture is as clear so looks like more learning/practice needs to occur!  Our original lens decided it wasn’t going to zoom/focus anymore.  I took it to Calgary to have it repaired.  Here’s the conversation:

  • Camera guy: How long have you had this?
  • Meghan: 8 years.
  • Camera guy: Um. Please don’t ask me to fix it.
  • Meghan: Why?
  • Camera guy: It’s not worth fixing. It’s 8 years old.
  • Meghan:  Until last week it took beautiful photos!
  • Camera guy: That’s great. Ok. Here’s a new Sigma lens.  Yeah?
  • Meghan: I guess so… you take visa?
  • Camera guy: Yeah.  Trust me. You’ll be happy.

Guess I’ll be working for a few more months!

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