We purchased some “fondant” to feed the bees this month.  It’s something you can feed in the winter.  We were concerned, with so much snow still on the ground, that the bees may not have enough food to get through to spring.

What was originally slotted in as an hour job turned into 5!  First we had to build something to put the fondant in (didn’t realize that) and then we had to figure out how to get the very heavy supplies to the apiary…  It took a couple of tries!  (Blue sled was a failure, Tupperware bin worked much better!) It was over 10C today and the bees were out in full force!

Checking the bees in the spring is always so much fun.  They were dive bombing me today and crawling all over the place – no stings, no equipment.

And yes, snow shoes required.  Snow is very deep and soft/wet with the warm weather!

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