Garlic harvest!  We harvested the garlic at the end of August.  We wanted to let it dry for about a month before planting it again for next year.

We have several kinds of garlic. Here’s the ones that have worked well so far:

  • Chesnok Red
  • Crème de la rosa
  • Yugoslavian Procelain
  • Racombole
  • Persian Star
  • Georgian Fire
  • Polish Hardneck
  • Red Russian
  • Spanish Roja

The Red Russian has done particularly well!  We planted two full beds of garlic this year (instead of 4).  It should be a great amount to get us through the winter and enough to plant for next year.  Garlic is such a great crop.

We dried lots of garlic scapes and made them into a powder.  It works well and is easy to add to sauces or things like salad dressing.

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