No one really asks how many eggs our chickens lay each day but we thought we would share some fun facts!

  • The hens lay between 70 and 80 eggs a day at the moment
  • Yes, our family eats a small (or maybe large) portion of those!
  • We sell about 40 dozen eggs a week
  • No, not all the eggs are perfect…  Some shells are not quite right! They are still fine to eat but we don’t sell them
  • We have three different breeds of chickens so their egg colours and sizes are different.  Also, the hens lay big eggs when they first start laying.
  • Egg production will go down with the decrease in sunlight. As it’s our first year, we aren’t sure by how much
  • Our eggs are for sale through our partners Eagle Creek Farms and Country Thyme Farm
Four eggs and curious hen
Chickens getting ready for bed

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