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What is a Farmer’s Market in Alberta

There are two types of markets in Alberta: approved Farmers’ Markets and public markets.  To determine if the market you are interested in is approved, check out the list of approved markets here:

Most likely, as a small farmer, you will be looking to sell products at an approved Farmers’ Market and not a public market.  The Farmer’s markets have different regulations that make it easier for smaller producers to sell to the public.  Here’s a short list of what makes a Farmers Market:

  • 80% of the vendors are Albertans that “make, bake or grow” what they are selling
  • run by a not-for-profit organization with an advisory board or a board of directors
  • sale of used items are prohibited

Food Safety Course

To sell at the market, you need to complete the Farmer’s Market Food Safety Home Study Course.  You can study and submit the answers via PDF through email.  If you receive 80% or more on the test, you will receive a certificate you can print out.  Here’s the link:

This page has some good information about free webinars and other checklists to help vendors:

What can you sell

Farmers’ Markets allow you to sell foods prepared at home that otherwise would have to be prepared in commercial kitchens.  You can sell:

  • fresh vegetables/fruits
  • inspected meats
  • jams/jellies/pickles (low risk water bath canning)
  • freezer jams (that are still frozen!)
  • uninspected eggs
  • baked goods
  • frozen prepared foods


You do need liability insurance.  If you have a regular table at a market, you can apply for discounted rates through AFMA ( or  Otherwise, contact your current insurance provider and get a quote.



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