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We use this Calmat anti-scale system.

We originally had a water softening system (that we brought from the city) that used potassium chloride salt.  It didn’t survive our farm well water for that long!  There are high end systems designed to handle well water but you then need to be careful as the effluent can cause other problems with your septic systems.  They are also quite expensive and require a fair amount of mechanical rooms space.

Our neighbours recommended this anti-scale device and it does help.  It is not as effective as a water softener system but it’s small, easy to install and doesn’t require any other inputs!

The biggest thing we have noticed is that the water spots are a lot easier to clean now! We hope it will help reduce the wear and tear on appliances such as the dishwasher over time.

The cheapest we have seen this device is at Costco online.  It is also sold at Home Depot.

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