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Heated Dog Bed

We use these heated pads for our dogs. The dogs seem to really like them.  Our dogs never come inside the house.  These are in our sunroom, which is not heated but is protected from the wind/snow/rain.

The heated pads only turn on when there is pressure on them.  That way you can leave them plugged in all winter and they are only used when the dog is lying on it.

It would be nice if there was a larger size. They are just a bit too small for our dogs. They come with soft covers but we found they got destroyed quite quickly (mostly from excessive dirt, not really from the dogs tearing them apart). We don’t bother with the covers and it makes it easier to dump the accumulated dirt outside.

They are a bit slippery so we use a carpet underneath.  As the dogs typically spill off the sides, the carpet is a bit more comfortable than the floor!

Our only frustration with them so far is that they only last one or two winters. We just had one fail this week. We have not found anything else that we think would work as well. And, each year, they are more expensive! (You can tell that the other bed isn’t working as both dogs are sharing! They do look cute together.)

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