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When we need a bit more control over the temperature, we use Inkbird devices.  This one can be programmed to turn on and off at a programmed temperature range.  It has two plugs and can control both a cooling unit and a heating unit.  We have only ever used heating units!

It uses a temperature probe that you can attach to a location in the room. The cord is quite long so that you aren’t measuring the temperature at the plug outlet.

Keep the directions!!  When you need to reprogram the device, you will need them.

We use one in our egg room.  The dish heaters are within the 1,000Watt maximum output range of the device.  Always check the watts of the device you want to plug into the Inkbird.  They are not for heavy duty applications.  They do retain their program when the power goes out (very handy!).  Overall, we are very happy with them.

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