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Tree – Korean Pine

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Common name:

Korean Pine


Pinus koraiensis




At maturity 30m tall

Should be planted at least 8 m from another Korean Pine


  • This tree will take 10-20 years to mature and produce cones with pine nuts
  • This tree does produce edible pine nuts – you can harvest them but for a commercial operation, it’s recommended to mechanize the process
  • The tree depends on particular fungus in the soil.  The seedlings come with inoculated soil
  • This tree is NOT native to Alberta

Akesi Farms Experience:

  • We planted over 15 seedlings and two have survived.
  • The two that survived are planted just uphill and “behind” white spruce trees.  They are shaded all of the time.  When the Korean Pines grow bigger, we will cut down the white spruce trees.

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