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Dog water bowls

We use these water bowls for our dogs. They have survived 3 winters so far and we’ll see if they make it through number 4!  We have two dogs and two bowls.  We could get away with one but it’s nice to have two in case one fails.  Fingers crossed they don’t both fail the same day!

The water bowls use electricity to keep the water liquid and are on a thermostat. If you forget to unplug, it’s not going to cost you extra money.  We like the size of the bowls (5.5 Quarts or 5.2 litres). We refill once every two days (or so).

Our only challenge is with our hard water. About once a month, we boil water with a lot of plain white vinegar in it and pour it into the bowl.  The hot water/vinegar mix helps remove the white scale from the metal bowl.

We bought a smaller bowl for the cat but then realized that was silly!  The cat drinks from these bowls too.

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