Meghan’s mug collection in the office!  (Or, “old lab” as it’s also known…)

Every day I drink something hot while I work.  All these mugs are very thoughtful gifts from others and a wonderful daily reminder of the kindness of friends and family.

  • Mushroom mug with lid – Newest addition!  Gift from Andrea, a fellow mushroom lover!
  • Amsterdam mug – From my lovely friend, Cori, that I met in Korea many years ago! We visited Amsterdam together.
  • Striped mug – Also from Cori! I used to have a matching bowl… Cori said I needed to eat and drink out of something more sophisticated than tupperware – I used this mug and the original bowl (that I accidentally broke) for many years in various offices downtown Calgary.
  • Tin mushroom mug – Second newest addition. Gift from my mother – who has been amazing at supporting Kwesi and I through our farm adventures!
  • Tetris mug – Gift from my brother! I’ve had this mug for many years.  My brother, Eric, remembered me playing Tetris when I was younger.

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