Snow! We typically say that March is the snowiest month.  While that isn’t always true anymore, we have lots of snow at the moment!

We always say that life changes in a moment.  There have been many defining moments on the farm, some incredible, some not so much.  Overall, even with the challenges we have, our lives are privileged and happy.

I was skeptical when Covid-19 news started…  Kwesi was not. Apparently he was more right than me!  The financial impact has started to hit us but thankfully we’ll be ok for a few months.  My IT job is contract so I have no EI or other benefits. I have been told when it will end so we are trying to come up with a plan for that.

Off the farm, we sell honey and eggs. So far, our customers have stuck with us.  Thankfully products like that are only handled by one or two people – so the risk is so much lower than food in more public places.  We also aren’t aware of any positive tests for Covid-19 in our area (phew).

Day to day life on the farm hasn’t changed.  We typically spent most of our time here just the two of us! We do get a lot of weekend visitors and those we assume will stop…

This is when we wished we had spent more time on our disaster planning, built a root cellar and had better plans for power outages.  At the same time, we have worked extremely hard for the past five years at the farm and really couldn’t have done more than we have (unless we’d had more cash!  Then we could have hired more help).

Fungi Akuafo is still shipping orders. It’s hard to tell if business is slowing down or not as not enough time has gone by.  Our in person mushroom workshops at the farm will likely have to be cancelled and that lose of income will be rough.  We are offering the rest of our Calgary workshops via Zoom and at least half of the participants have decided to continue with us – which we greatly appreciate.

We continue to support small businesses/local businesses as much as we can. We need to keep our food systems going and small farms are vital to that.  If you want to know where to get certain foods, please ask.  We’ll do our best to find the products!  There is lots of produce/meat out there that small farms are having a hard time moving to consumers.  Let’s help them out!

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