On Sunday we had a big party! It was to celebrate so many things but the big ones were Kwesi’s 50th birthday and our daughter Lilian joining us in August. The farm and our lives since we moved to the farm have been changed in such positive ways it’s hard to explain our gratitude.

We’ve never had so many cars in the driveway! Or, so many kids playing on the pond. We got to talk to everyone just a little bit and want to make sure we say thank you. Our lives are incredible adventures!

A funny story.  Meghan’s dad, Bob, went to pick up some parts for the mobile home (Kwesi spent Saturday fixing broken water lines in the mobile home!).  While there, Bob said that the parts were for Kwesi and the guy at Home Hardware said: “Oh yeah, we all know Kwesi!  Kwesi is so full of life and he has so much energy.”

It’s a good reflection of what we are working so hard to build. We want a place where everyone feels welcome. We strive each day to live our values and to work towards them. We are happy, grateful, and proud of what we accomplish and learn each and every day.

Thank you.

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