Being outside is the BEST.  When we were travelling a few years ago, our favourite part of travelling was actually being outside.  Walking, exploring, walking some more.  Working in an office takes away the joy of feeling the breeze or sunshine! Unless it’s bitterly cold or windy out, once we are out it’s hard to get us to go in!  Usually near starvation or having to use the washroom are the only reasons… (And, we have building some outdoor biffies on the list so that girls can go outside and not have to go back in!)

We went on a short walk on Sunday to visit our future orchard location.  As always, the dogs love to lead the way.  Rhea is getting much bigger! We found some more potential pond locations. Our plan is to collect and hold more water on our farm so that we can use the water to irrigate the new trees. (And many other purposes, as well!)

We had some friends come visit last Saturday.  Their son, Luke, fell in love with the chickens! On the drive home he had a nap.  When he woke up he asked his parents where he was. They said they were on their way home. Luke said no, he wants to go back to the farm! That’s some pretty awesome feedback.

The big pond
In front of the house

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