The root cellar is “almost” done!  We started this project over a year ago.  It’s been fairly complicated to get everything in place and there have been lots of firsts for us.

So far the internal temperature has been holding steady at 12C.  We have some backup plans to heat it if we need to this winter.  We think once the top is covered in vegetation that it will provide better insulation over time.

A bunch of firsts:

  • First crane
  • First cement truck and cement pump truck
  • First cut telephone line
  • First giant track hoe

Things still to do…

  • Add a second door at the entrance
  • Add fan to ventilation shaft
  • Plan vegetation on top for next spring
  • Put in monitoring (CO2, CO, smoke, temperature, humidity)

Click on the photo below to scroll through progress over the past year!

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