Today was a slow brain day and we managed to get a couple of jobs done that I often put off!  We organized our seeds and updated the garden maps.

Overall, this past summer was very hot (VERY hot) and dry.  We did not have enough stored rain water to water everything so many beds were left.  One good thing about it being extra dry was the reduction in slugs!  Here are some overall observations:

  • almost no carrots
  • almost no beets
  • potatoes had lots of scab and lower volume
  • a lot of tomatoes
  • a lot of peppers
  • a lot of peas
  • a lot of beans
  • a lot of strawberries
  • perennials seemed to be fine
  • few mushrooms

We had almost no hail this year (past years we’ve had a lot of damage due to hail).  We also installed more rain water tanks!  We’ll post more photos from the summer!

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