While it’s true we don’t always “get out much”, we did manage to watch the new Star Wars Episode VII movie on Saturday night! It required a bit of planning but there are some pretty amazing things about living in rural areas.

  1. Olds is 45 minutes away. That’s the closest movie theater.  Movie time on Saturday is 6:45pm.
  2. Birds go to bed at 6pm. Cutting it close but what the heck.
  3. 5pm. Have shower and put on clean clothes. Attempt to find a toque that doesn’t smell and shoes that are “town worthy”.  Found shoes, didn’t find toque…
  4. Find cat on the bed. Put cat outside.  Find cat on the bed. Put cat outside.
  5. Forgot about dinner…  Put some leftovers in containers to eat in the car.
  6. 5:45pm. Start putting birds to bed. In town shoes. Car is outside the barn. Guess the shoes aren’t “town worthy” now.
  7. Say goodnight to the dogs that are a little too excited that it’s -15C out and dark.
  8. 6:00pm. Hit the road!  Arrive at movie theater are 6:45pm.  Park.  (Took 5 seconds to park and 10 seconds to walk to the front door!)
  9. Buy ticket.  Line up is 2 people deep.  Cash only.
  10. Best part!  Pay $11 each for 3D movie.
  11. Get great seats!
  12. Enjoy movie.
  13. Find car.  Oh, that was easy! Didn’t even have to remember where it was.
  14. Drive home. Arrive at 10:30pm.  Crash into bed. 6:30am is going to come extra quick…

Overall, best movie experience ever!

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