Straw!  2020 was a better year for grain harvests than the super wet 2019…  We purchased some fantastic wheat straw for mushroom growing and some oat straw for garden mulch usage.

This straw is from an organic grain farm near Mayerthorpe, AB.

Sometimes we don’t get so lucky with the weather…  Always trying to do too many things in too short a time!  The snow came…  That the most ice we have ever seen on the trailer and truck.  We couldn’t get the trailer off the truck until it melted a bit more!  Getting the straw into the loft of the barn is a joint effort.  We typically need at least two people at the bottom and two at the top to catch the bales and stack them.

Straw is in our online store:  (pick at the farm only!)

Wintery Straw
Wintery Straw
Barn loft - Ready for straw
Grandpa helping with the bales
Bale loader

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