We have many laughs on the farm.  Here are a couple of photos that make us giggle!

  1. We asked our nieces to “park” the Jeep.  The truck wasn’t in the garage at the time so they thought it was a great place to leave their vehicle!
  2. Mom is often complaining that we have no Tupperware.  Well, it’s in the freezer full of delicious soup!  We have a lot of Tupperware, it’s just very well used.
  3. Yes – Whiskey (brown dog) does indeed like his bed.  Try getting him to move!
  4. Except when the cat came to visit…  why does Atticus the cat get the bed?  We aren’t sure!


We did say to park the Jeep...
Tupperware full of soup for the freezer
Whiskey likes his bed
Atticus the cat takes over

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