The past couple of weeks have been really cold at the farm. Quite a few nights hit below -30C.  It’s really hard on the animals (and us) when it’s so cold!  Water freezes as it’s coming out of the tap. You need to cover most of your skin or it really hurts!  Even a small spill of water creates skating rinks in random places…

Almost all the windows in our house are single pane, so they frost up with the humidity. We have the wood stove running all the time!  The gator doesn’t start when it’s so cold so we have to move everything around by hand.  Needless to say, not many outdoor projects are getting done right now!  And it’s not really possible to take outdoor photos.  Batteries die quickly and fingers freeze so fast.

Once it warms up a bit more (say -10C), we’ll get some photos of our progress on our mushroom lab.  We have been putting most of our energy into our mushroom company the last little bit so we don’t have as much to share about farm projects.

The pond is frozen! We should be able to clear it and skate!  And, we have enough snow to go tobogganing and snowshoeing. We could use a bit more but so happy compared to last winter!  The fruit trees should be happy with more snow.


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