We have not been able to keep up with our blog as we normally do…  Fungi Akuafo is getting so many orders at the moment that everything else has been put on hold!  We are happy about the orders of course and thrilled that people are so interested in growing their own food.  The only downside is that while we used to work more or less all the time, we now work all the time. 😉  Meghan’s parents have been a great help along with our super exciting news of a Young Agrarians apprentice – Phil!  More on him later.

Spring always arrives all of a sudden.  One day we have a lot of snow, then a few days later we don’t! The warmth is a bit of a cruel trick.  We know that it won’t stay like this!  We are bound to have many more cold days and probably snow before July.

We decided to put a heater in the main greenhouse this year.  It’s made it easier to get more plants going earlier!  As long as it’s doesn’t get below about -10C at night, we should be good!

Tomatoes are looking great. (Tomatoes are enjoyed by all at the farm!)  There are some other random plants started as well…  It seems over time that we all get more ideas of what to put in there!  We acquired the shelving from a friend who was no longer using it.  It will transition to the mushroom greenhouse in a couple of weeks.

You can see we were putting snow on the beds at the end of March…  Then by the end of April more plants keep showing up!

Greenhouse April 24
Greenhouse March

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