Who says we never go on vacation?

We got a whole 30 hours away from the farm, TOGETHER, two weekends ago!  A friend came and stayed with our daughter. The best part was when we got home, there was homemade bread, banana loaf, pizza and other things I can’t even remember!  All the chores were done too!

Kwesi and I went to the Alberta Star Party (ASP). We used to go to a lot more astronomy events with the telescope Kwesi built but find it quite difficult now that we live so far from the city.

It was the first time using any of our camping equipment in over 2 years. It took a while to pack and wow, did we ever forget things!

The star party was great. We saw a bunch of friends we haven’t seen in a while. The night sky was quite clear too! It was really cold but we had brought our winter gear.

On Sunday morning there was a beautiful hot air balloon!  It was nice to see. We haven’t seen one in a long time.

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