We have to admit that the speed at which time is flying by has been a source of frustration lately.  How is it possible that a whole year has passed and we have not updated our blog or anything else online?

Yes, I’m sure we have good excuses.   It seems since the beginning of the pandemic, we have become more focused on the farm and the physical place where we live.  We have also been here long enough (9 years!) that maintenance is piling up on top of new projects.  We’ve noticed we are not as good at asking for help – and that equates to endless to-do lists that never seem to get shorter.  It is currently Sunday evening and we still have 3 or 4 jobs to complete tonight (after a full day of working!)  (Inoculate a fungi order received on Friday, package a fungi order to ship, feed the dogs, walk the dogs, put away the laundry from this morning, put away equipment we used in fungi filming today…)

Are we more curmudgeonly now?  Have we really lost our social skills?

We believe that the time warp is due to this continuous “busyness” that consumes us.  How to get out of it – we have no easy answers.  However, we thought to share some photos taken recently that are a good reminder of why we live where we live – and why it is hard to leave, even for a few hours!

Blue morning sky with snow covered trees
Nighttime photo with stars
Barn with Christmas lights
Evening sunset

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