Each year, around this time, we have little panic moments about water.  Every year is different and we certainly have had years with significant amounts of rain.  However, for the past 3 years, our “big pond” has been close to empty.  The last time it overflowed was in 2020.  When we talk to neighbours and the previous owners, they let us know that the big pond overflowed every spring since it was created in the early 1940’s.  Last summer it was empty.  (And yes, we recognize that while this pond is the largest one on our property, it is not big in the context of a water shed!)

This year, we are pleased to see a more water in the big pond.  The other ponds are also looking better!  The goose pond is full, the duck pond is full, the sheep pond is full and the frog pond is the fullest we have seen since it was built!  Some of this is due to mom’s handywork on water diversion.  All ponds have overflows built into them and most have water from our roofs going into them.

We are also working on adding more eaves to buildings this year!  Lots of work to do around how to divert that water as all of the new eaves will be in areas that cannot connect to existing ponds (well, unless you pump the water uphill.)

The longest the farm has gone without rain was six weeks.  That was petrifying.  Here’s hoping that we continue to get rain this summer despite the predictions!  We are trying to store enough to keep our veggies/mushrooms alive and provide some habitat/water for wildlife.

Sheep pond - full
Frog pond
Duck pond - full

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