We finally did it!

At the end of June, Tara and I incorporated a new company! Fungi Akuafo Inc.  A basic website is up: www.fungiakuafo.com

All our mushroom adventures will go on that website. You may still see pictures around the farm of our experiments but we plan on having a great new blog!

What exactly are we doing?  First, we are not selling fresh mushrooms. I know, that sounds counter intuitive! We are selling mushroom spawn and all the equipment needed to grown your own mushrooms. We plan on having a variety of products for both farmers who want to add mushrooms to their existing products and to gardeners who want to add mushrooms to their yards.  We have 14 varieties of edible and medicinal mushrooms.  Yes, that is a lot…  We have a lot of lab work to do to understand all of them!

Check out our webpage.  We are working to get more information on there and to have an online store where you can buy spawn and kits. We are very excited.


Fungi Akuafo

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