Winter is most of the year at the farm.  It typically starts to snow at the end of September and the final snow leaves around the end of May or beginning of June.  The means (October/November/December/January/February/March/April/May) about eight months of the year we have snow on the ground!

We do not have frigid temperatures the whole time…  We have many days of positive temperatures.  On average, most of the winter is around -10C to -15C.  We can get extremes of course, last winter we had many days with -35C and colder.

(Monthly averages for the closest weather station.)

Meghan’s point of view:

I love winter!  Well, I love winter that is -15C or warmer!  Doing chores and trying to ensure the water does not freeze for the animals is doable in -15C.  Anything below -20C is just exponentially more difficult – things do not work (i.e. doors do not open, vehicles do not start, equipment fails, gloves are not good enough, boots are never warm enough, and the list continues).

I love going snowshoeing in our backyard – there is nothing better than going out for a little jaunt if you only want to go for a few minutes.  My snowshoes are setup for my boots so it takes only a few moments to put them on and I’m off!

The change from summer to winter (technically we have those other two seasons, spring and fall, but do they really happen?  Hard to say!) is what I look forward to.  On the farm, the summer is full of long days, outdoor work, trying to get as many jobs done as possible.  In contrast, winter is short days, less time outside, more time in the office, and more time eating in the kitchen with the fire going.  I find the change of seasons and the big weather events are how we mark time (2020 – the mild summer with so much rain and no reishi grew!  2021 – the crazy hot summer with the heat dome and no mushrooms as we ran out of water).

Meghan snowshoeing in the west meadow

Kwesi point of view:

Winter is a reality I have to deal with.  Gloves are my biggest challenge.  Meghan has purchased a very large number of gloves over the years, and I am never happy.

My eyes also tear in winter.  Constantly. Not cool.

One of my “jobs” is starting and keeping the fire going in the living room wood stove.  This is a job I adore and quite enjoy when it is really cold outside.  I make the best fires.

If it is super cold out, I tell Meghan the Gator will not start.  That way Meghan goes outside to do the chores.  Meghan loves winter, right?  Works for me!

Is it summer yet?

Kwesi getting wood in the Gator in winter

Iris point of view:

Snow is so good.  So good.  Is there more snow? Snow is so good.

-25C is a bit much though.  How about -15c?

Titan point of view:

Winter? Amazing!  Can winter last all year long?  -15C at least.  Please.

Iris and Titan outside in winter

Whiskey point of view:

  • Good thing about winter: no insects.  I’m not afraid to go outside!
  • Bad thing about winter: it’s cold.  Do I have to go outside?
  • Good thing about winter: snow is so good. So so so good.  Can I eat snow all the time?
Whiskey eating snow

Goose point of view:

I’ll deal.  If I have to.  Ponds are better though.  Where’s my bucket of water?  I need my bath! What do you mean the bucket of water is frozen.  What about my bath?

Mr Goose in the winter - swimming in the snow

Atticus point of view:

Oh – it looks sunny outside.  Let me out!

Oh – it is cold outside. Let me in!

Oh – it looks sunny outside. Let me out!

Atticus hunting outside
Atticus at kitchen window

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