We have not been posting photos lately…  It seems time keeps slipping away!  We do take a lot of photos.  We do this mostly to be able to remember what happened.  We do not keep good written records!  Our photos and sometimes videos are the reminders of projects we have been working and the passage of time.

We know everyone says they can’t believe how fast time goes by, but it really does feel like that this year.  Dad says it gets worse as you get older.  That’s not a good sign!

Winter has been beautiful so far.  We have quite a bit of snow.  We had a few days of very cold weather, but the rest of the time has been mild.  We are sharing a few winter photos today that we took over the past couple of weeks.  It now gets dark very early and we spend a lot more time indoors.  Kwesi has been starting a fire every night and keeping the firewood supply stocked!  The dogs are thrilled with the snow.

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