We had a pretty incredible worker bee party last Sunday!  At one point we had over 20 people at the farm!

Lots and lots of work got done and lots of wraps got consumed.

  • Chipped branches for pathways (3 truck loads of chips)
  • Chipped branches for mushroom experiments 1 truck load)
  • Started creating disks for pathway idea near the house
  • Dismantled an old camper so we can take it to the dump
  • Fixed one animal shelter with tree trunks we found in the forest and cut to size with the chainsaw
  • Inoculated several poplar tree trunks with Oyster mushrooms
  • Stacked wood to be split later
  • Put mulch on the pathways of the kitchen garden
  • Put up fence around the kitchen garden
  • Used up 5 chain saw chains

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