We know!  We have not been keeping up with photos and short blog posts…  This is mostly due to the increased orders we have to fill with Fungi Akuafo.  We are really excited about the mushroom spawn business and honestly, before covid, we didn’t know if we could really make a living selling spawn!  While we aren’t there yet, it certainly seems possible now.  We have a lot to learn and a fair amount of hard work is ahead of us to improve our processes and messaging.

Today was one of those spectacular days.  The sun was beautiful. These are pictures of the setting sun this evening.  Meghan went to the mailbox to check mail and this is the road that leads back down to our farm.  The view is always spectacular and some days it’s just extra special!

On warm days we’ve been leaving a bucket of water out for Mr. Goose.  It’s not as good as a pool but he loves it all the same.  He cleans himself and splashes water everywhere.  Every day the bucket is left with super dirty water!  It’s a bit of a mystery how he finds dirt when everything is covered in snow.

We are going to make an effort to post most photos!  We live in paradise and the natural beauty of our valley should be shared.

Akesi Farms Sunset
Akesi Farms Sunset
Akesi Farms Sunset

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