Eagle Creek Farms asked us if we would make some preserves this fall.  So, Meghan went on a hunt for the magical zucchini!

We did grow some in our greenhouse but not enough to make such a large batch of zucchini relish!

Two very fast choppers, two big pots and 8 hours in the kitchen (pretty fast I would say!) yielded 68 jars of zucchini relish, 8 jars of zucchini pickles and 10 jars of plum sauce.

The zucchini relish is on it’s way to Eagle Creek Farms and the rest is safely stored in our pantry!  If you drop by, you may get to taste these delights.  We usually spend many days canning in the fall but this year we may be trading with our friends for more canned goods…  The days keep flying by and the to do list has yet to shrink!

We’ll try to remember to take a photo of our zucchini in the greenhouse.  They were happy with no hail or torrential rain for days on end!

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